Extreme Density Cables - Get the 411

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Extreme Density Cables -- More Capacity, Smaller Size

Developed to meet the current demand for the highest bandwidth capacity in limited duct space, high-density cables provide roughly twice the fiber count in the same footprint of existing central-tube and stranded-ribbon-tube design cables.


  • Maximizes duct installation
  • Smaller diameters mean smaller coils and handholes
  • Enables mass fusion splicing
  • Reduces prep time
  • Pullable (unlike micro-cables)

Extreme Density Cable Applications

  1. Data center interconnect
  2. High-density FTTX applications
  3. Metro 5G densification

OFS AccuTube Rollable Ribbon Cables

  • Smaller and lighter in weight than standard flat ribbon cables
  • Doubles the density of vital pathways vs standard cable designs
  • For indoor and outdoor use, connecting data centers
  • For serving as distribution for dense FTTx and mobility networks
  • Allows for highly efficient ribbon splicing and easy single-or multiple-fiber breakout

Corning RocketRibbon Cables

  • Suited for Data Center Interconnect applications and other emerging network needs where high-fiber availability is critical.
  • Flexible, finger-peelable subunits provide protection of each 288-fiber ribbon stack
  • Gel-free design reduces time, labor and risk associated with cleaning ribbons.
  • Utilizes traditional ribbon-splicing technique

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