Passive Locating & Marking Methods

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Save Your Network! Avoid Fiber-Seeking Backhoes

There are over 20 million miles of underground utilities in the US alone.

EVERY 9 MINUTES an underground utility line is damaged.
Proper location methods reduce the chances that one of those damaged lines will be yours.

Passive Locating & Marking Methods

Passive locator products provide easily identifiable visual reference points.
  • Alert individuals that your network assets are nearby
  • Reduce network downtime by reducing accidental damage
Fiber Route Markers
Dome Markers and Post Markers make it easy to identify your underground fiber routes in Public and Private Right-of-Way.
Dome & Post Markers
Wrap-around Markers
Long lasting, easy-to-deploy wrap-around markers identify specific cables in the field and in customer premise locations. Custom markers can be printed with your company's logo and phone number.
Wrap-around Markers
Marking Paint & Flags
Water-based marking paint provides a high visibility, temporary option to construction crews laying out jobs as well as locators identifying network assets.
Marking Paint

Flags are a low-cost alternative when marking paint is not feasible. Flags can be quickly deployed in loose soil and vegetation.
Non-Detectable Warning Tape
Highly-effective and low-cost method to ensure your network is not disrupted by a backhoe. Warning tape can be buried above the fiber cables to warn crews of your critical infrastructure below.
Warning Tape
Fiber Tags
Fiber tags and tagging kits help identify specific fibers and customers served on fibers in the field, as well as in customer premise locations.
Fiber Tags

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