• Available with up to 12-fiber
  • Offers the maximum bandwidth for FTTP business, etc.
  • Universal design
  • Aerial or direct bury
  • Toneable Element for ease of location
  • Eliminates bonding and grounding
  • Non-sticky gel reduces installation time and labor cost
  • Dielectric Rods
  • Excellent crush resistance
Price: FREE


    Toneable Drop FTTP offers the most flexible solution for fiber to the premise applications. The toneable unit allows for easy location after installation. The small profile reduces cost and increases both ease of use and access to small conduits. This product is the low cost solution to the network’s last 100 meters. The durable design incorporates two dielectric rigid rods for tensile and crush protection, bracketing a single enhanced loose tube containing up to 12 optical fibers and PFM gel.

    • Fiber: Corning Ultra Low Loss, Bend Insensitive glass. .4/.18/.21
    • Fiber Count: Available with up to 12-fiber inside a PFM gel-filled loose buffer tube
    • Strength Members: Water-blocking dielectric strength members placed parallel to single loose tube, to provide necessary longitudinal strength
    • Toneable Element: 24 AWG copper wire encased in jacket
    • Jacket: Black, UV resistant jacket
    • Maximum Span Length at 1% Sag ft (m):
      • Light Loading: 330 (101)
      • Medium Loading: 225 (69)
      • Heavy Loading: 150 (46)
    • Standards Compliance Telcordia® GR-20-CORE RDUP PE-90 Designation 571Q RoHS-compliant