Company Directory

NovaLight Telecom Supply

359 Hood Road, Suite 100

Jasper, GA 30143

706-301-9046 phone

855-301-4874 tollfree

706-253-8643 fax

Andrea Creighton
706-301-9046 office

Allen Creighton
706-301-9046 office

Laurie Ashford
Sales Representative
706-253-8686 office
618-520-0654 cell

Steve Lawrence
Operations Manager
706-301-9046 office
770-356-1876 cell

Bob Conley
Account Manager
706-253-8681 office
404-578-4444 cell

Bobbie Proctor
Account Manager
706-253-8679 office

Marlene Poole
Office Manager
706-301-9046 office

Rick McCurley
Warehouse Manager
706-301-9046 office

Jason Johnson
Sales Manager
706-253-8859 Office

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