• Outdoor
  • Single Mode Ribbon
  • Armored
  • Spider Web Ribbon Technology
  • Double-Jacket
  • Single Armored
  • Gel-Free
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    • Access Ready Construction (ARC) Completely gel-free construction with easy-to-access and identify optical fiber circuits.

      SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) optical fiber technology Easily ribbonized for mass fusion splicing. SWR® is compacted and routed like individual fibers. Ideal for organizing slack loops in splice enclosures as there is no preferential bending of ribbon.

      Significantly higher fiber density compared to traditional ribbon cables Offers ability to expand capacity of existing pathways and allows use of smaller, lower cost duct systems.

      Smaller cable diameters and cable weights Means longer reel lengths that allow for lower scrap rates, easier handling of reels at the site and reduced transportation costs.

      Completely dry water-blocking technology Reduces time required to prep cable-end and mid-span access resulting in labor savings.

      Compact ribbon bundles Reduces enclosure/splice tray size requirements allowing for smaller telecommunications space allocation.

      Armored and non-armored packages Supports all the standard cable deployment options typically found in the OSP environment including, duct, direct buried and aerial.

      Fully qualified to Telcordia GR-20 Provides assurance that the cable will support optical fiber network transport functions now and into the future.