• Upgradeable
  • Lightweight/Strong (TIER 22)
  • Patented Anti-Slip Technology
  • Anti-Seize Bolt Technology
  • Industry Leader in Anti-Trip Hazard Prevention
  • Superior Fatigue Resistance (EST)™
  • Vertical and Horizontal Rib Design
  • Embedded Vertical Racking
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Highest Load Rating to Weight Ratio in the Industry
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    The Bulk handhole by Channell is an upgradeable re-enterable cable management vault system series with the highest performance standards in the industry, making it the leader of the underground.Bulk features embedded factory installed racking, which gives Bulk the ability to be upgraded to a heavy duty application by simply changing the lid. Bulk also eliminates the need for a ring and includes standard racking, which provides optimal cable organization.

    Body Design

    • Straight wall design improves lid load strength
    • Flush-mounted racks enhance sidewall and vertical strength of pit while increasing usable space
    • Ribbed sidewall design secures body into backfill soil and eliminates sidewall deflection
    • HDPE bodies provide easy field alteration while eliminating water absorption and material degradation while maintaining structural integrity and eliminating toxic fiberglass dust

    Cover Weight 50 lbs [23 kg]

    Pit Weight 82 lbs [37 kg]
    Assembled Weight 132 lbs [60 kg]

    Dimensions: 24x36x36