Active Locating & Marking Methods

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Keep Fiber-Seeking Backhoes from Cutting Your Lines

EVERY 9 MINUTES an underground utility line is damaged

Proper location methods reduce the chances that one of those lines will be yours.
A variety of active location products are available for installation during construction.

Active Locating & Marking Methods

Active Markers Can Be Used to Locate:
  • Buried cables of all types
  • Buried service drops
  • Bends: changes of direction, arcs
  • Depth changes: lateral deflection
  • Fiber optic facilities with no metallic conductor
  • Buried conduit
  • Buried handholes
Marker Balls
Electronically mark and locate buried facilities. Produces a uniform RF field.

Marker Balls and Tags
Tracer Wire
Locate buried utility lines through conduction.

Tracer Wire
Detectable Pull Tape
A single product for detecting, measuring and pulling.

Detectable Pull Tape
Detectable Warning Tape
Cost-effective way to locate non-metallic lines using standard metal detectors.

Warning Tape
Handholes with Pop-Up Test Stations or EMS Markers
Our product specialists can recommend the appropriate locating option, depending on your application.


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