• Flexible Installation - Install from either front or rear of faceplate
  • Quick Identification - Colored Icons provided for port identification
  • Easy Termination - Punch down with standard 110 termination tools
  • Universal Wiring - T568A and T568B wiring compatible
  • Backward Compatible - With category 5e/class D system components
  • Protective Doors - Minimize exposure to dust and other contaminants (doors not shown)
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    Part of Siemon's category 6 UTP end-to-end Cabling Solution, the MAX 6 outlet exceeds category 6 connecting hardware performance specifications.

    It's compact design is ideal for high density applications. Up to six outlets can be utilized in a single gang faceplate and twelve outlets in a double gang faceplate. Also, the angled MAX outlet provides a gravity feed, low-profile design for the work area - greatly improving cable management in installations where front or rear clearance is at a minimum.