Field Labor costs are expensive. Georgia Telecom Supply can save you time and money with custom- built pre-terminated cables.

Our pre-terminated cables are very cost effective and save you money in numerous ways:

  • Eliminating your labor costs associated with installing connectors in the field
  • Eliminating the need for technicians to spend time and money re-doing work that has failed
  • Reducing the cost of additional connectors and supplies to replace failed splices.

Georgia Telecom Supply's pre-terminated cables are created in a high-tech laboratory environment with white-jacketed employees, air filtering systems, and ISO compliance methods.

Each connector is completely inspected and tested prior to shipping. Geometrical and attenuation test results are available upon request.

Georgia Telecom Supply can provide customized cable solutions for all types of installations including:

  • Cell Huts to the Fiber Network (Single-End Pigtails, Indoor/Outdoor Riser Rated)
  • Central Office Connections (Both-End Jumpers, Riser Rated or Plenum)
  • NOC’s (Riser Rated, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Business-to-Fiber Network connections
  • FTTx

Georgia Telecom Supply is able to build cables quickly, because they stock most types of cables in 1 through 288 fibers, Singlemode and Multimode, Riser Rated, Plenums, Indoor/Outdoor Riser Rated, Drop Cables and more.

The pre-terminated cables can be manufactured to any length needed.

Most connector types are in stock:

  • LC
  • SC
  • ST
  • FC

Please call or utilize the pre-terminated cable configurator below to obtain a quote on pre-terminated cables customized for your specific project.

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Build Your Own Pre-Terminated Cables
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