Fusion Splicers 2.0

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How many splices does your crew perform each month?

A fusion splicer will pay for itself quickly, when more than 50 splices per month are performed.

Fusion Splicing

  • Provides the lowest loss
  • Offers the least reflectance
  • Is considered the strongest and most reliable method of joining fibers

A properly executed splice can exhibit a loss of less than 0.1dB. In contrast, mechanical fiber connectors will typically yield a loss of 0.2dB or higher.

Cost considerations:

  • Splice-on connectors cost $6 to $8 each and have less loss
  • Mechanical connectors are $12 to $15 each and have more loss
FiberFox Mini Fusion Fiber Splicers

Mini 4S for FTTx - Last Mile
Mini 5C for FTTx - Last Mile
Mini 6S for First Mile
Mini 12R for both Ribbon and Single
OFS Fusion Fiber Splicers

Ninja NJ001 economical entry; v-groove alignment
FITEL S153 V2 uses clad alignment
FITEL S179 more precise core alignment
FITEL S123M12 V2 for Ribbon including rollable ribbon
FITEL S123M8 V2 both Ribbon and Single

NovaLight also carries splicing accessories: cleavers, wipes and connectors.

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